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Jan 29,  · Should I buy a fir-wood chicken coop from Ebay? by Pat on 11/16/ This article reviews the 'pros' and 'cons' on the inexpensive timber (fir-wood) chicken coops that are commonly available on Ebay and are imported from China. Read feedback from other purchasers of these chicken coops before deciding if this type of coop is for you.

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Mar 09,  · The actual chicken coop needs to be at least 3 square feet per chicken. So following on with our example of six chickens, the coop needs to be at least 18 square feet. Many are fairly easy and inexpensive to build. Reply. Katie says: July 25, at am. I have 2 chicks in a coop and run that is about 10′ X 8′. Try are in the most.